An Anglo-Saxon Banquet: Tucking in with Beowulf

Anglo-Saxon literature provides little material for the interested cook.  Emphasising, as it does, the heroic deeds of men, little space is devoted to the lives of women or to the domestic sphere.  

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The Greedy Reader

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,
Mrs Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading by Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1876) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,

I love reading.  And I love cooking just as much.  So what could be better than combining my two passions?  In this blog I’ll be writing about the references to food that I come across in the books I read, and then sharing my experiences of trying to cook some of this food in my North London kitchen.  I’ll be providing recipes, and photos of the finished results, so you can also – if you wish – try them out yourselves.  Continue reading “The Greedy Reader”