Mothers and Sons

She insisted on his having a small currant tart, because he liked sweets.
‘I don’t want it, mother,’ he pleaded.
‘Yes,’ she insisted, ‘you’ll have it.’                         (D.H.Lawrence, Sons and Lovers)

It seems rather obvious to state that our relationship with food is shaped by our upbringing, particularly by our parents and other family members. What they give us to eat and the way they think and talk about food provide ideas and impulses that we either conform to – or in some cases rebel against.   Continue reading “Mothers and Sons”

Food and England

‘I’m hungry, not tired; I want to eat heaps.’
‘That’s good. What’ll you have?’
‘Fish pie,’ said she, with a glance at the menu.
‘Fish pie! Fancy coming for fish pie to Simpson’s. It’s not a bit the thing to go for here.’                             (E. M. Forster, Howards End)

As a foodie and keen cook, I feel very grateful to be living at a time when we have access to so many foods from around the world. Not a week goes by when I don’t eat – whether home-cooked or in a restaurant – some form of international food, even if it is just the ubiquitous Italian pasta or risotto. Continue reading “Food and England”